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'Siren Training was established by a group of Firefighters with real life experiences of dealing with various emergencies, coupled with a wealth of health and safety knowledge. We have a large pool of instructors who can attend your venue, or train you at one of our 6 London venues. Accredited courses delivered by experts!

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First aid courses – Siren Training London

Safety first. It is surely the highest priority and we strongly believe in everyone having some form of First Aid knowledge to take care of the people we care about, whether it’s loved ones or work colleagues. For this reason, we have developed a wide range of First Aid courses in London, so that everyone can become familiar with the techniques that can save lives. Whatever profession you’re in, there’s a suitable course available to you. We will provide you with all the necessary theoretical information, however, be warned, our award winning trainers get bored of powerpoint very quickly and always include as many practical scenarios as possible. As a result, you will walk out with the confidence to act when others wont and the knowledge that you are qualified to deal with an emergency.

Emergency First Aid at Work

If you work in a low risk environment such as an office or you want to attend a First Aid course but don’t have much time, you can book our basic 1 day Emergency First Aid training which lasts only six hours. You will be provided with appropriately condensed knowledge, concentrated on the most important First Aid fundamentals. The Emergency First aid training is a course most popular amongst the following industries: Office based staff, Retail, Personal trainers, education and community/non profit organisations.

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3 Day First Aid Course

Our 3 day First Aid course lasts as long as 18 hours, so it is a really comprehensive course which prepares learners for almost every emergency that they may encounter. The trainers who conduct this specialist course work as Firefighters or Paramedics on a daily basis. Their training is inspired from their day to day role in the Emergency services. Who better to train you than those that have ‘been there and done it’ in the real world. This course is designed for people who work in higher risk environments such as construction, manufacturing or sporting backgrounds. The 3 day first aid course enables learners to become full first aiders in the workplace.

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Event First Aid Cover

You can never predict what may occur during a mass event, such as a concert, a match, a festival or a party. Therefore, every organiser should consider some event first aid cover as a precaution and to comply with your insurance policy. You can hire members of our team as your professional event first aid cover staff and let us worry about any injuries or other dangerous situations that may take place unexpectedly while you enjoy your event. We are immensely experienced and we know how to provide the participants with the highest level of safety whilst letting you concentrate on making your event the very best it can be.

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Baby, Paedratic First Aid Course

We have prepared a wide range of different trainings for you to choose from. There is, for instance, a professional paediatric first aid course, organized in London. It will make it possible for you to help children and babies, who are very vulnerable and need your support the most, in order to survive in life-endangering situations. Pediatric first aid course is strongly recommended for teachers, babysitters and other employees who work with the little ones on a regular basis. We will train you how to react in case of injuries, losses of consciousness, burns, choking and many other circumstances. Select the best date and location to take part in a valuable child and baby first aid course in London!

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