Do you want to find quality fire marshal training that can make a difference to your business? Here at Siren Training Limited, we offer an array of safety training courses that are ideal for beginners and those who have a basic knowledge.

It’s integral for employees at your company to be aware of the procedure and rules in the event of an emergency, especially when it’s as life threatening as a fire. Having trained and assigned fire marshals will vastly improve the safety of everyone in the workplace in any situation.

The number of staff and the layout of your workplace will impact how many fire marshals are assigned and trained. Our expert fire marshal training will take around three hours of your employee’s time to complete, and there are a variety of options on our easily-navigable website for you to look over.

On the course, you or your staff will learn from a variety of subjects, including fire detection and awareness, escape drills, evacuation processes, and general housekeeping rules to ensure complete competency in the most difficult of situations.

Each of our courses are taught by a professionally trained fire marshal who is not only qualified to teach but also experienced in such emergency situations.

The courses run throughout 2017 on Mondays or Tuesdays. Use our online booking form for group bookings to confirm your place on our training courses.

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