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It is imperative for all organisations who employ staff to have at least one fire marshal on hand, although more may be necessary, depending on the size of your business. The role of a fire marshal will include identifying potential fire hazards, ensuring the safety of staff in the event of an alarm being raised and checking that fire escape routes are clear. It is important that the designated person undertakes a fire marshal course, so they know how to handle these situations.

Fire marshal courses

At Siren Training Limited, we offer fire marshal courses, which are designed to teach fire marshals about fire safety procedures and the duties of their role as a fire marshal. They will also ensure you are meeting the required standard of the law regarding fire safety and they will gain a better understanding of fire safety and reducing potential fire hazards. The fire marshal course lasts around 3 hours and by the end, your staff should be fully confident about their role as a fire marshal.

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