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Would you or your staff benefit from professionally taught First Aid Training? Our First Aid Courses in London are the industry standard for first aid and have been recognised as the leaders in providing various training courses, including first aid and health and safety.

Our first aid training is delivered by professionals who have first-hand experience of emergency situations. By learning from them, you will gain invaluable insight into various situations where first aid knowledge and practice will be required. Our trainers are firefighter and paramedic instructors who have years of experience on the job and have no looked to educate others with their experience.

We provide a wide range of first aid training courses in London, including 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work, a 2 Day Re-Qualification First Aid Course, 3 Day First Aid Course, Defibrillator Training, and a Half Day Annual Refresher.

Every employer should have the mind-frame of providing sufficient first aid training to its employees. Without the correct training, it’s not only illegal, but can also put employees in great danger should an emergency situation arise.

By implementing regular first aid training, your staff can feel safe, secure and ready to act in the event of an emergency.

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