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1 – Firstly if you don’t have any First Aid knowledge – get some. Even an online course offers something. Anything. Please. Anyone can learn, it’s easy to recall and the confidence it will give you is invaluable. Being confident that you can step in whenever your loved ones require First Aid assistance means that you don’t have to always depend on that guardian angel. You are now in control! If you can afford to attend a one day Emergency First Aid at Work course you definitely should.

2 – Do you have a toddler? We’d advise you looked up a few Paediatric First Aid courses London based preferably. Bring your family and friends along and everyone will leave this First aid course with more confidence and with the skills required to take action in an Emergency First Aid situation. PLUS – You’ll have an experienced Firefighter, Nurse or Police member there to bring their real life experiences into the lesson and make the course as interesting as possible.

3 – You NEED a first aid kit. We advise you have one fully stocked at all times (If you aren’t sure what needs to be in your First Aid kit – check out our blog post: The top 9 ingredients for the worlds best First Aid kit). Very seldom do accidents happen in the kitchen right next to the First Aid kit. One of your roles as a First Aider is to find a solution to the problem – wherever and whenever it may be. A shirt or scarf can be converted into a decent sling, a bag of peas – an ice pack – it’s all about your ability to think on your feet and find innovative solutions to help your loved ones in their times of need.


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