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Today civilian and military medical experts have urged the public look into understanding how to deliver first aid in a terrorist situation.

The current threat level faced by the UK means that despite the best efforts of our security services, we are likely to see another terrorist attack on British soil, and soon. In fact MI5 have classified the threat level as SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely to happen.

What you can do:

Brig Tim Hodgetts, of the Defence Medical Services and a co-developer of Citizen Aid’s brilliant app and handbook, told the BBC; “We need a critical mass of the general public to learn these first aid skills”. The next attack can happen at any moment, there is a pressing need for the public to learn these skills and minimise the number of potential casualties. See more about the app below:


These skills are crucial as paramedics will not be able to reach casualties until the threat is eliminated. This can can last from a few minutes to hours. This window is the crucial period to deliver first aid and potentially save lives. Which is exactly why the general public are being urged to up their first aid knowledge through this nifty app or on a training course.

Where can I get some help?

In response to the threat, CitizenAid have developed an app and handbook (find their approved suppliers here) designed specifically to help people with little to no first aid training experience. The app is incredibly useful and can even teach you to deal with compact injuries caused by fragmentation and bullet wounds. This is a brilliant initiative that will save many lives in the event of a terrorist incident. While we admire the CitizenAid team and their amazing idea! It is up to the public to take action. It is up to everyone reading this to spread the word and become knowedge. A key to delivering effective terrorist first aid is to have practiced your skills beforehand. You’ll be much more helpful to a casualty if you have both not only some knowledge and a useful app but also the confidence to lend a helping hand and know that you can help!

This however, is something that comes about only through proper training. Siren Training are a specialist first aid training company specialising in realistic, practical and fun first aid training. For the last 2 years we have included real life practical scenarios in our first aid courses. Everything from injuries sustained in a slip and fall, to injuries sustained from gunshot and stabbing wounds.

Where can I find some specialist First Aid training?

Our 1 Day Emergency first aid course and 3 day First Aid course have input on terrorist first aid scenarios to ensure all our students are prepared to deal with any attack. There are rumours of a CPR + Terrorist First Aid training course coming soon amongst our training team.

Let us know your thoughts and if you would be interested in hearing more about these courses.

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