Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) – all you need to know


Dr Frank Pantridge is probably not someone you have heard of, but there’s a strong chance he has changed the course of your family or friends or maybe even yourself. You see this is the cardiologist that is credited with inventing the portable Defibrillator, an AED as it is also known, a device that can […]

A First Aiders guide to a fall

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It’s the moment everyone dreads. That pavement that looked wet turned out to be black ice. And so now it’s a battle against gravity. Your limbs move in different directions, making you look like a poor Bruce Lee tribute and suddenly become aware that your feet are level with your eyes and it’s as if […]

Haunting treats – Choking Hazards

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The dangers of boiled sweets, toffee apples and other haunting “treats” that give parents a fright over the Halloween and bonfire night period.   One accident that many parents dread especially in young children is choking. With an increase in sweets over this period, (whether it is supervised by the parents or not) there is a higher […]

Autumn Danger

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Autumn!   OK so it’s THAT time of year… we start really remembering what cold feels like, the evenings draw in, the leaves are falling off the trees…. cosy, right??   HOPEFULLY!!! The fact is that anything can happen at any time and it helps to have this in mind and be aware this new season […]

Should First Aid training be mandatory?


Britain’s roads are some of the safest roads in Europe and indeed the world. Thankfully, the number of road casualties has steadily decreased over the years from 3,201 in 2003 to 1,732 in 2015, despite a small 1.6% increase in the total number of road vehicle traffic between 2014 and 2015. These stats, although encouraging […]

4 Tips to get through the freezing weather

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With reports of freezing temperatures falling as low as -10C this Easter, we thought we would do our part and give you five tips to help you breeze through the cold period. Be merry but be wary! While being drunk and inebriated may often be associated with keeping you warm and combatting the season’s bone […]


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Why? Life’s greatest question. But what does such a deep question have to do with first aid training? When on a First Aid course, the WHY helps you understand HOW. It is that simple. You see,  whether you decide to do the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course or the 3 day First Aid […]

Terrorist First Aid


Today civilian and military medical experts have urged the public look into understanding how to deliver first aid in a terrorist situation. The current threat level faced by the UK means that despite the best efforts of our security services, we are likely to see another terrorist attack on British soil, and soon. In fact […]

5 Paediatric First Aid tips for Parents

First Aid courses for parents

Parents and care givers should expect injuries and accidents. No matter how much you prepare, accidents will still happen. Thankfully, with proper planning and preparation, serious illnesses and accidents are rare! “It helps you feel in control, even if you are totally freaking out on the inside.” Said one of our Paediatric First Aid course […]

 How do you treat someone suffering from an Asthma attack?

First Aid training; Asthma

We have all heard it before.. We have all come across it, at one stage or another and everyone knows someone who suffers with Asthma. But, as a qualified First Aider… What can we do to prevent worsening and promote recovery? To treat Asthma, we must first understand it. Asthma was misunderstood for many years due […]