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All you need to know about first aid courses

Here is an expert advice choosing the first aid course or if you just want to know something more about life saving skills. Mat Walters is the founder of Siren Training here is his thoughts about first aid courses.  What are first aid courses like?   A first aid course is not only very interesting […]

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Heat stroke vs heat exhaustion

Well, it’s looking like that barbecue summer has finally arrived after all those years of promise! Along with the barbecues comes the traditional baring of the white legs that haven’t seen daylight in the winter months! But the dash to turn the white flesh into a rosy pink means often we don’t take the precautions […]

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Fire Safety – Drills, Evacuation plan and Training

On the 18th November 1987 a fire broke out at around 7.30pm in London. Nothing unusual about that you might think, except this was at king’s cross tube station. 100 people were injured, and 31 people lost their lives that night in a fire that may well have been able to be prevented if fire […]

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4 Tips to get through the freezing weather

With reports of freezing temperatures falling as low as -10C this Easter, we thought we would do our part and give you five tips to help you breeze through the cold period. Be merry but be wary! While being drunk and inebriated may often be associated with keeping you warm and combatting the season’s bone […]

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Terrorist First Aid

Today civilian and military medical experts have urged the public look into understanding how to deliver first aid in a terrorist situation. The current threat level faced by the UK means that despite the best efforts of our security services, we are likely to see another terrorist attack on British soil, and soon. In fact […]

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Firefighters give First aid to man after kitchen fire

      FIREFIGHTERS were first on the scene to a man caught in his kitchen fire in Northgate. The Firefighters who are all trained to Immediate Emergency Care (IEC), an advanced version of the 3 day First aid at work course, had to give First Aid and oxygen to a man who suffered smoke […]

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5 ingredients to the best first aid kit

  1. First aid manual: Every single First Aid kit should contain a first aid manual. They are pretty easy to follow and should be studied before a crisis arises. Everyone with access to the kit should know the basics of First Aid by potentially going on an Emergency First Aid at work course. 2. […]



Siren Training was set up by a group of Firefighters in 2013. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in First Aid and Fire Safety, we deliver interesting, enjoyable, life-saving skills to all sectors. We now operate throughout the UK and Ireland and have 70+ instructors with backgrounds as Paramedics, NHS and the Armed Forces. All of whom share the same passion and drive to share these valuable skills with everyone.

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