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Recent 18 year old attendee feedback from a First Aid course

The First Aid course was a good mix of practical and more knowledge-based learning. Siren training is really good at what we do. There is no denying our high review links on both Facebook and Google. Usually, we would refer all feedback to these platforms but this was a particular case where the individual attendee booked […]

By Siren Training | First Aid In Schools

4 tips for handling Head injuries

  Head injuries are one of the most common injuries especially in a sport loving nation like the UK. In Britain alone, approximately 700.000 people arrive at A+E with a head injury, every, single, year! The rate of death for a serious head injury is 1 to every 2000 people!   We design our blog […]


What is meningitis?

What is meningitis? Meningitis is an illness where protective membranes that surround the brain start to become inflamed. As a first aider you should try to recognise ‘alarming symptoms’ and if needed, call an Ambulance. It is always better to call it 5 times unnecessarily than not at all and put a child’s life and […]


“MPs have blocked a bill to bring first aid courses to schools by talking non-stop until time to discuss and vote on it ran out.”

    This was the headline in the Independent on Friday on the 20th of November 2015. This Compulsory Emergency First Aid training Education Bill would mean schools would have to include First Aid courses into their curriculum as standard. MPs chatted away for hours, so much so in fact that the deputy speaker likened […]

By Siren Training | First Aid In Schools

5 ingredients to the best first aid kit

  1. First aid manual: Every single First Aid kit should contain a first aid manual. They are pretty easy to follow and should be studied before a crisis arises. Everyone with access to the kit should know the basics of First Aid by potentially going on an Emergency First Aid at work course. 2. […]



Siren Training was set up by a group of Firefighters in 2013. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in First Aid and Fire Safety, we deliver interesting, enjoyable, life-saving skills to all sectors. We now operate throughout the UK and Ireland and have 70+ instructors with backgrounds as Paramedics, NHS and the Armed Forces. All of whom share the same passion and drive to share these valuable skills with everyone.

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