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Fire Marshal Course London

All you need to know about fire marshal training What is fire marshal training? The purpose of fire safety training is to teach learners how to prevent a fire in the workplace. This is achieved by identifying possible causes and protection measures as well as understanding the main requirements of fire safety legislation. This fire […]

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Two tips before sitting on your next First Aid course

Here is a short 5 min video of two top tips where our Senior First Aid Trainer, Ash Webber irons out some of the myths around First Aid training and helps you get in the right mindset before sitting on one of our courses. He offers his two top tips to ensure your get the […]

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Fire Safety – Drills, Evacuation plan and Training

On the 18th November 1987 a fire broke out at around 7.30pm in London. Nothing unusual about that you might think, except this was at king’s cross tube station. 100 people were injured, and 31 people lost their lives that night in a fire that may well have been able to be prevented if fire […]

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Siren and The Wellness Movement partner up to provide more for our customers

Siren Training have partnered up with The Wellness Movement as such you are entitled to 50% off your first mental health talk for your organisation when you book any other activity. Click here to access a recent talk on Positivity and Self-Belief they carried out at ITV Television Studios for their workforce. The Wellness Movement are an organisation set […]

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Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) – all you need to know

Dr Frank Pantridge is probably not someone you have heard of, but there’s a strong chance he has changed the course of your family or friends or maybe even yourself. You see this is the cardiologist that is credited with inventing the portable Defibrillator, an AED as it is also known, a device that can […]

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A First Aiders guide to a fall

It’s the moment everyone dreads. That pavement that looked wet turned out to be black ice. And so now it’s a battle against gravity. Your limbs move in different directions, making you look like a poor Bruce Lee tribute and suddenly become aware that your feet are level with your eyes and it’s as if […]

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Haunting treats – Choking Hazards

The dangers of boiled sweets, toffee apples and other haunting “treats” that give parents a fright over the Halloween and bonfire night period.   One accident that many parents dread especially in young children is choking. With an increase in sweets over this period, (whether it is supervised by the parents or not) there is a higher […]

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Autumn Danger

Autumn!   OK so it’s THAT time of year… we start really remembering what cold feels like, the evenings draw in, the leaves are falling off the trees…. cosy, right??   HOPEFULLY!!! The fact is that anything can happen at any time and it helps to have this in mind and be aware this new season […]

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Should First Aid training be mandatory?

Britain’s roads are some of the safest roads in Europe and indeed the world. Thankfully, the number of road casualties has steadily decreased over the years from 3,201 in 2003 to 1,732 in 2015, despite a small 1.6% increase in the total number of road vehicle traffic between 2014 and 2015. These stats, although encouraging […]

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Why? Life’s greatest question. But what does such a deep question have to do with first aid training? When on a First Aid course, the WHY helps you understand HOW. It is that simple. You see,  whether you decide to do the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course or the 3 day First Aid […]

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Siren Training was set up by a group of Firefighters in 2013. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience in First Aid and Fire Safety, we deliver interesting, enjoyable, life-saving skills to all sectors. We now operate throughout the UK and Ireland and have 70+ instructors with backgrounds as Paramedics, NHS and the Armed Forces. All of whom share the same passion and drive to share these valuable skills with everyone.

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