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Roles and Responsibilities of a First Aider

What is your role as a First Aider?

Your role as a first aider is to provide the initial or immediate support to a casualty in need. Through the knowledge and training you have received, you need to decide if the care you are giving is appropriate and sufficient. Alternatively, perhaps the casualty needs professional medical assistance. In all scenarios, your role is to provide support, whilst keeping yourself, the casualty and other bystanders safe. 

Key responsibilities of a first aider:

  • Manage the incident and ensure the continuing safety of themselves, the casualty and the public
  • Discover the nature & cause of their injuries or illnesses
  • Arrange for further medical help or other emergency services to attend. 
  • Prioritise casualty treatment based upon medical need
  • Provide appropriate first aid treatment that you have been trained to do, and that is reasonable in the circumstances
  • If able to, record observations of casualties vital signs, symptoms and feedback
  • Relay this information when further medical help arrives
  • Complete an accident report form following the incident

What are the three P’s in first aid?

Preserve Life

  • calmly and quickly assess the situation
  • protect yourself and everyone at the scene from danger
  • prioritise, treating the most serious conditions first.

Prevent the condition from worsening

  • call for appropriate medical help, if necessary
  • identify the type of injury or illness
  • minimise the risk of cross infection

Promote recovery

  • treat any injuries or illnesses
  • arrange the next steps such as transfer to hospital
  • communicate details of the injury or illness and your actions to those taking over care of the casualty

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