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Minor Injuries



Cuts and grazes are a common types of injury that occur in everyday life.  Most can be dealt with by cleaning them carefully and covering them with a plaster or dressing. 

NOTE -: If a cut continues to bleed, or looks like it needs stitching, the casualty will need to seek medical help. Also, seek medical help if you believe there is dirt or small debris inside the cut, that is difficult to clean. 


How to treat a cut:

  • Put on protective gloves, if possible
  • Clean the wound under running tap water
  • Apply some pressure to the area
  • Apply a plaster


The casualty should be urged to change the plaster regularly and to keep the cut clean. They should also be advised to seek medical advice if the cut looks like it’s not healing well or becomes infected. 


Signs of infection include:

  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Feeling generally unwell
  • A high temperature (fever)
  • Pus forming in the affected area
  • Redness around the affected area

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