What is Fire Drill management?

Fire drills play an important role in a firm’s fire safety strategy and help save a life. Siren Training can oversee your fire drill and give in-depth feedback for the Fire Marshals and those who have Fire evacuation responsibilities in the workplace. We would then also follow this up with a report allowing you to be aware of what you need to improve on in future.  An organised and effective fire drill will allow staff:

  • To use exit routes they may not use on a regular basis.
  • To gain experience evacuating a building safely and quickly.
  • To remain calm in the real scenario

Who is Fire Drill Management for?

Everyone! While it is the Responsible Person’s role to ensure that evacuation procedures and training are all in order so that in the event of a fire, staff are aware of what to do and by doing so allow for a safe and timely evacuation. A fire drill must be carried out annually, but ideally twice a year.

The following should be considered when planning a safe and effective fire drill:

• Legal requirements
• Fire risk assessment
• Company evacuation procedures including FEEP
• Emergency Planning
• Fire drill records and record keeping


Fire drill management


If you are unsure or feel that you require some assistance in organising and running your fire safety drill, please contact us on 0203 740 8088 and speak to our friendly advisors.