What is Fire Extinguisher training?

Employers need to identify what their responsibilities are. Your fire risk assessment will determine the need for this training. If your organisation holds Fire Extinguishers in the organisation it is highly recommended that these staff are trained in how to use these extinguishers. Fire Extinguisher training is either a bolt on to any Fire Marshal or Fire Awareness course, or alternatively, it can acts as a course in itself.

This course is extremely popular for attendees having already completed some level of fire safety training as it adds a practical element to fire safety training which is by nature quite a theoretical course.

Who is Fire Extinguisher training for?

Any organisation with 5 or more staff members must comply with the Fire safety order of 2005, having extinguishers on site is part of this order. This Fire Extinguisher training is specifically designed for companies where their fire risk assessment is not exclusively evacuation. Even if it is, you do not want your staff using an extinguisher the first time when their life depends on it.





  1. Bolt on – This is the most cost-effective way to conduct this training. It is charged at £175 + VAT for 15 people when combined with any Fire Marshal or Fire Awareness group booking. This Fire Extinguisher training would add an additional 45 min to any private course booking.
  2. Independently – Alternatively, this course can be run totally independently, we recommend a short course on the different types of Fire Extinguishers before going outside to deliver the practical training. This independent Fire Extinguisher course is charged at £250 + VAT for 15 people.



  1. Space, an outdoor space is essential to this training. This cannot be done indoors. We recommend at least two car parking spaces worth of space.
  2. Physically fit and able to pick an extinguisher up.

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