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How much does fire risk assessment cost?

A fire risk assessment can vary in cost depending on the risks present, the size of the premise and the complexity of the premise.

Siren Training charge £395 + vat to conduct a fire risk assessment. This would be the general cost for a normal low risk office premise.

Siren’s office team will ask a series of questions upon your enquiry and an estimated quote will be given at the time.

Our experienced fire risk assessors will work with you during the site visit to fully understand the workings of your organisation. The assessors operate an open audit which means they will support your needs and highlight risks whilst onsite. This allows you to fully understand the process and be able to ask questions dynamically.

We very rarely have to adjust the quote, but in some cases, if the customer hasn’t disclosed everything or we identify significant extra work whilst onsite, a further discussion can be had before proceeding any further with the assessment.

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Siren Training have a pool of qualified Fire Risk Assessor’s that will visit your workplace at a convenient time for you! Our Assessors are fully trained using PAS79, which is the industry standard format and methodology for carrying out Fire Risk Assessments.

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What is Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a structured evaluation which identifies possible fire risk and hazards that may be present in a particular premise.

The Fire Risk Assessment will confirm any good practices and policies that are already in place to keep the premise and it’s occupiers safe from fire. It will also determine what actions need to be taken to improve the standards of fire safety in the premise.

These actions will be classified as high, medium or low risk, which will allow the responsible person(s) to prioritise, take action and remain compliant. The law requires that the Fire Risk Assessment needs to be carried out by a competent person.

Areas to assess:

  • Fire detection systems
  • General Housekeeping
  • Fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment
  • Emergency routes and exits
  • The safe storage of dangerous substances
  • An emergency fire evacuation plan
  • The evacuation of less-abled people
  • The evacuation and fire safety information to employees and other people on the premises
  • Staff fire safety training

Can a business owner / landlord draft a Fire Risk Assessment?

Yes theoretically. There is no such a law which says that you can’t, but you must be competent. However, the process is very complex, requires exceptional knowledge of the RRFSO2005.

The person carrying out the Fire Risk Assessment must be confident in their own abilities to carry it out effectively and accurately. Overlooking certain details could result in huge financial penalties, or worse, someone getting hurt.

Reasonable experience or knowledge of fire safety / health and safety is highly recommended.  However, if the responsible person is not confident in doing so, the responsibility should be passed on to suitably qualified professionals.

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Who needs Fire Risk Assessment? Is fire risk assessments mandatory?

U.K legislation requires that commercial / business premises who employ more than 5 staff members adhere to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRFSO2005).

The RRFSO2005 refers to much more than a Fire Risk Assessment, however, getting a qualified risk assessor, who understands how to interpret the order is a sensible way to ensure your business is meeting it’s legal obligations.

If you are owner one of the following premisses you should consider a fire risk assessment every year.

A Fire Safety Assessment must also be carried out on communal areas of domestic properties. Landlords and Managing Agents are also required to adhere to the RRFSO2005.

How to do fire risk assessment? What should be included in the UK fire risk assessment? What is the checklist?

If you decided to do fire risk assessment yourself, first of all you should read  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. You should pay special attention how to:

  • Classify the fire dangers.
  • Identify people / areas at risk
  • Eliminate and decrease the risk
  • List your conclusions
  • List your actions
  • Compose an emergency evacuation plan and provide training
  • Re-evaluate and update the assessment regularly
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Why it is important to keep your fire risk assessment up to date?

It is very important to keep your fire risk assessment up to date. Businesses and premises are often changing the way they operate, changing their staff, changing the products they sell and even altering the building itself.

Reviewing your fire risk assessment annually ensures that you can make the necessary amendments, so that you remain compliant and keep everyone safe. It also acts as a reminder to the responsible person(s) of their obligations, which can be passed along as a reminder to the staff.

In some instances, a review of the Fire Risk Assessment could be more frequent.

If there are significant changes made to the structure of the building, any renovations affect the original fire management plan, a sharp increase in staffing numbers, new hazardous materials onsite or any other change that could affect the safety at your premise. You might need a new fire risk assessment as well as new escape routes etc.

In addition to the above, by revisiting the initial fire risk assessment the responsible person(s) can take note of when certain aspects of the overall fire safety plan needs refreshing or re-testing. For example:

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

  • Fire Marshal Training
  • 5 yearly Electrical Test
  • Fire Panel Test
  • Emergency Lighting Test