FIREFIGHTERS who gave first aid to a boy hit by a car in New Addington have been praised for their quick actions.

Headley Drive, at the junction of Lodge Lane at 4pm last night a child was run over by a vehicle just outside New Addington Fire station. One of his friends sprinted across to the Fire station and called out for help. Within seconds the Firefighters got to work and quickly stabilised the boy giving him Emergency First Aid while the ambulance were on their way.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman “They found the young boy at the side of the Lodge Lane with a number of serious injuries.”

Three firefighters cordoned off the road and diverted traffic while others were stabilising the boy and giving him oxygen.

“I’d like to praise the firefighters for their fast actions and everyone at the station is thinking of the boy and his family and friends at this time.”  said the station manager.

The boy was later airlifted hospital by a helicopter.





SIREN says: This is fantastic example of Firefighters being there when needed and it sounds like they performed excellently in helping this poor boy. But very seldom do Emergency First Aid situations happen in front of a Fire station. Cast your mind to this boys poor mate who had the calmness of mind to knock on the Fire stations door. But what if he didnt. What if he was there watching his mate in a great deal of pain. Now we are not a company who enjoys scaremongering individuals into First Aid courses but this is real life and awful things happen. Each and every one of us should be confident in our skills to help those we care about!


Can this also be a lesson to our Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Please do not continue closing Fire stations around London!


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