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nurseWhatever event or gathering you’re organising, however large or small, corporate or sporting, indoors or outdoors, it’s important that organisers don’t overlook the safety of those attending.

– Who can we turn to if anyone has a minor injury?
– Who can deal with an emergency situation?
– How far is the local A & E department?
– Could a paramedic access all areas easily if required?

These are just a very few of the questions you should ask yourself if you are organising any event. Don’t forget, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of all guests or attendees at your event or premise. At Siren Training, we realise that Event Organisers have enough to worry about and arrange on event day. Why not let us take some of the pressure off you? Our initial risk assessment will determine the number of First Aid personnel and equipment you require to ensure your event is as a safe as possible.

Why Siren?
Apart from the reasons stated above, Siren Training use FireFighters as our First Aid staff. As well as being very experienced and professional in dealing with illnesses and injuries, they are also very alert to potential risks and can also act as your Fire Wardens for the duration of the event.

You can feel assured that your event will be in safe hands.

Contact us for a quote or even for some free advice. We’re here to keep you safe.


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are comprehensively trained
” subtitle=”Advanced First Aid, Resuscitation & Defibrillation, Oxygen Administration,
Spinal Injury Management, Medical Communication Skills, Seizure Management
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[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Gregory” company=”Sheaf GBR Volleyball”]The Siren First Aid team are always kept very busy when we hold our international volleyball tournaments. It’s reassuring to know that they’re all Emergency Service staff and always able to deal with the situations that arise with a calm, educated approach[/testimonial_left]
[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Amanda Glover” company=”Former British Olympian, Sport England”]A massive thanks to the Siren team for your efforts last weekend. You went beyond the call of duty many times. It didn’t go unnoticed.[/testimonial_right]
[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Jonathan” company=”Front Row Security”]The fact that Siren employ serving Firefighters as their Fire Marshals means we are getting a professional service that allows us to concentrate on our security work without worrying about the Fire Safety side. We know we’re in safe hands with Siren.[/testimonial_left]

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