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Yes, ladies and gentlemen I can confirm that Siren training are going to be opening up our 6th venue this year! As you well know if you subscribe to our newsletter we run many First Aid courses London and we have been receiving so much love from our customers.

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We now have 6 First Aid course London based, locations in London: Old Street, Hammersmith, Watford, Vauxhall, Hounslow and now Waterloo!

Our most recent step has been increasing the amount of First Aid courses London. We have expanded just South of the Great River Thames but now have our eyes set on Waterloo for the new year!

From all of us, here at Siren we want to particularly thank The Foundry for looking after us. They have absolutely excellent resources and are always on hand to help, whatever, question you may have. The Foundry along with our regular training venue provider, Alternative venues are the perfect partners on which Siren can lean on. Thank you for your excellent work so far and we look forward to working with you heading forward.

Whether you are after First aid courses London based or specifically after a 3 day First Aid course. You’ve got to remember. First Aid is a skill for life not simply because your boss needs you to have a First Aid course certificate…

Join one of our First Aid courses London and you’ll leave with a refreshing outlook on First Aid courses. We refuse to allow First Aid courses to be boring!

Siren training – winning the fight against boring First Aid courses London.