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What I will be learning in the equality, diversity and inclusion training?

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Most people have an understanding of diversity and inclusion at work. They know what they should or shouldn’t say and most colleagues are on-board with knowing that a more diverse workforce equals higher productivity, profit and an enhanced and enriched experience at work.

What most people don’t understand is how to create an inclusive workplace. What measures can we all take to make sure that people can be authentic at work and bring their whole identity into the workspace, even in a virtual world. We take a look at all the things that have been in the headlines recently; unconscious bias, micro-behaviours and intersectionality – and find out why people think the way they do, what drives our actions and behaviours and most importantly, how we can change.


  • Understand what inclusive behaviours in the workplace looks like and the impact surrounding those
  • Gain insight into some of our natural behaviours 
  • Look at how we can identify our own biased behaviours and change our thinking
  • Shared experiences from others and hear how small changes can make huge differences

What is unconscious bias? How to improve workplace relationship?

Unconscious Bias


We’ve all heard of unconscious bias; some of us may even know what it means. Some of us think we know what it means. Most of us don’t understand what it really means. That’s where this course comes in.


The course explains what unconscious biases and how we can overcome our unconscious bias to improve decision making and professional relationships; to create more open, inclusive and effective organisations. Using examples and interactive exercises the course takes a straightforward look at one of the most important current issues in diversity and inclusion.




  • Learning about unconscious bias in the workplace and why it matters – How unconscious bias affects decision making in activities such as recruitment, people development, performance management, leadership and marketing.
  • Understanding types of bias – An exploration of how unconscious bias works, including implicit association, affinity bias, and the unconscious organisation.
  • Knowing ways to override natural bias – Practical ways to challenge our own biases, to consciously break habits and to do things differently.


We are delighted to bring you a series of “Lunch & Learns”, bringing together some of  lead experts in workplace mental health and wellbeing, to share practical advice. The topics have been curated to ignite conversation and share scientific knowledge and best practice. 


We will look at the common symptoms of stress & anxiety, what they mean, why you struggle with them and some of the ways in which you can learn to control their effects. The resilience webinar will help you to look after your own mental wellbeing and also help others. 


An introduction to non-confrontational de-escalation skills through listening and communication, awareness, behaviour management, personal safety and supporting an individual with mental ill health related crises.

How to talk about race in the workplace?

Conversations Around Race

Everybody wants to do the right thing. Whether that’s talking about Black Lives Matter, celebrating Black History Month, or simply having a conversation in the workplace. But people are cautious, scared of saying the wrong thing, using out of date terminology. By talking about race, this workshop helps with starting conversations and will assist you in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Increase your confidence in talking about race, as well as gaining an enhanced awareness of how to reduce bias in your behaviour and how to manage a racially diverse team with greater empathy, understanding and skill.

This online workshop explores issues surrounding race in our society and examines what we can all do to encourage and improve conversations around race.


  • You will have identified why talking about race is difficult.
  • Have the confidence and be comfortable with starting conversations about race in your workplace.
  • Demonstrate top tips for starting conversation about race and building an inclusive workplace.
  • Be more comfortable and confident when managing a racially diverse team with greater empathy, understanding and skill.

How long is the training?

How It Works

Duration: 45 minutes

Capacity: Up to 100 people virtually

Facilitator: An experienced Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner

Logistics: Zoom workshop

Available: WorldwideCost: £ 600

Mental Wellbeing Calendar for Your Workplace

mental wellbeig calendar by siren training

Lunch & Learn for Mental Wellbeing at the Workplace?

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