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What is Basic Life Support (BLS) training?

The basic life support course is the most basic, First Aid course we offer at Siren Training. This first aid training helps you meet the requirements set out in the Health and Safety regulations of 1981.

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Who is it for?

The HSE recommend that all First Aiders attend a yearly basic life support course. Even though this is not mandatory, it’s definitely worthwhile given that 3 years is a long time until you renew your first aid qualification.

The majority of our clients work in the following industries:

  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Low risk sports environment

Please do not get this refresher course confused with the 2 day re-qualification First Aid at Work course which is for those individuals with a 3 day First Aid at Work certificate which is about to expire or has recently expired.

1 day first aid training (EFAW)

Qualifies you as a first aider. This 6 hours first aid at work training is recommended for low risk environment as offices, retail, education etc.

3 day first aid at work training

Qualifies you as a first aider. This 18 hours training is recommended for high risk environment as construction, warehoursing, hospitality etc

Paediatric first aid training ofsted

This 12 hour Paediatric First Aid course is our most comprehensive paediatric first aid qualification. The course is a blend of online and practical learning

2 day re-qualification first aid training

Only students who hold a current 3 day First Aid at Work certificate or a certificate that hasn’t expired by more than 28 days can attend. The course lasts 12 hours over 2 days



50 000 + LEARNERS


What will I be learning on this First Aid Course?

The basic life support course covers the following subjects:

  • CPR
  • Unconscious Casualty
  • Shock
  • Choking
  • AED

In line with the HSE’s strong recommendations, Siren Training offer a half day First Aid refresher for anyone who has completed a 3 day First Aid at Work, 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work or Paediatric First Aid course. We are quite happy for you to sit on the course even of you don’t hold a current certificate. We encourage people to learn these vital skills and wouldn’t exclude anyone.

Our main focus is ensuring that you are confident enough in your First Aid ability to tackle any life-saving incident with confidence to make a difference. After 1 year it is difficult to remember the key life-saving techniques and processes that give you that confidence. Our emergency services trainers will guide you every step of the way.


Do you have a group to train? Complete the short form and get a quote in minutes

How long is this Emergency First Aid at Work Course?

Our basic life support course is an annual First Aid refresher course in London that runs for approximately 3 hours. We start sharply at 10 am. Please try your best not to be late. Please arrive 15 min early to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit before we get started.

Assessment & Certification

There is no assessment on the Basic Life Support course. This course is designed to give learners a taste and introduction into first aid training. It’s a relaxed and enjoyable way to gain some valuable life-saving skills. 


If you are still not convinced, read our happy customers' reviews

5 star review  They simply are amazing! I attended the full 2-day Mental Health First Aid course. The instructor, Kate, was great and excellent feedback has been given to MHFA England. Just want to give a top shout-out to Sandra who works in the back office. She was extremely kind, accommodating, listened to my requirements, fast on her feet, great follow-through and initiative to help with an issue without me even asking. A true credit to Siren! Thank you Sandra! I won't hesitate to point fellow coworkers and contacts your way! All the best!

thumb Lab-Kim Cheung
28th March 2020

5 star review  My experience was fantastic with Mick Veasey, is great tutor and very professional teacher properly. Thank you for everything.

thumb Francisco Neto
16th March 2020

5 star review  1st Aid At Work 3 Day Course The Teacher Jonas is a fantastic and a truly inspirational instructor and trainer. I have attended many First Aid courses but this was by far one of the best, not at any point did anyone look bored. Jonas kept it fun and very interactive, with lots of equipment to play and use to help us build up our skills and self-confidence. He is a very good presenter, also very approachable, energetic, receptive, enthusiastic, supportive and a good motivator. His confidence and passion for what he was teaching came across absolutely superb, he made me feel at ease, his delivery is clear and to the point. He drew on some great examples and was great at keeping the energy levels up by ensuring we were all engaged. He helped to develop the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities to bring out the best in me and to all the class, I thought the whole process from start to finish was superb. Finally Jonas genuinely inspired me and made me feel really supported and encouraged. A very much enjoyable course. I definitely will be using Siren Training Again in Future for any other courses and training I may need or require.... And To Jonas many thanks for the 3 enjoyable days. ***Brilliant***

thumb Mohammed Saeed Malik
12th March 2020

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Why choose Siren Training First Aid Training?

Are you looking to participate in one of the best first aid courses? You should contact Siren Training today. Siren Training was set up by a team of brave Firefighters, dedicated to providing fun, practical and cost effective first aid courses. Here at Siren Training, we have recognised that First Aid is a practical subject and is best taught by professional trainers with real life experience.

All the first aid courses we carry out are run by expert Emergency service trainers with the best hands on experience in first aid, so you know you will be learning with the true professionals. We operate across the UK and Ireland and have a team of over 70 instructors with various backgrounds including: Paramedics, NHS and the Armed Forces. All of our team at Siren Training are passionate and have the drive to share their valuable skills with the public.

One of the first aid courses we offer is the 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work course. This course is the most basic out of all the different first aid courses we offer at Siren Training and helps you meet the requirements set out in the Health and Safety regulations of 1981. This course is the perfect introductory first aid course and helps learners leave with the confidence to deal with emergency life threatening situations in a competent way. This course is aimed towards individuals who work within a “low risk”/office based environment. Following the successful completion of the 20 question multiple choice exam and each student is awarded a HSE recognised certificate which is valid for 3 years.

We highly recommend that you renew your Emergency First Aid certificate once every 12 months through a half day refresher. Our annual first aid refresher course is one of the other first aid courses we offer at Siren Training. This course is perfect to refresh your memory on the information you have already learnt, keeping you up to date on your first aid. We understand it can be difficult to remember the key lifesaving techniques and processes after a year of doing your initial course. Therefore, we focus on ensuring you are confident in your first aid abilities and are able to tackle any life-saving incident head on.

Are you interested in one of our first aid courses? Feel free to contact Siren Training today. Either give us a call on 0203 740 8088 or fill in our contact form on our website. Fill in all the relevant information and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss our different first aid courses.

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