Virtual Group Fire Marshal Training

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This is for a Online Group Training.

How it works?

All participants are connected using ZOOM program (equivalent to SKYPE)

  • Zoom with one of our fire experts
  • Introductions and gaining information into a client’s  specific workplace
  • Part 1 of individual e-learning for an hour
  • Back to Zoom with a instructor who will recap on what you have learnt and answer any questions
  • Part 2 of the e-learning
  • Zoom with an instructor to recap on part 2
  • Quiz questions and final debrief
  • Fully accredited certificate.

Fire Marshal Training in London by Siren Training

What is fire marshal training?

The purpose of fire safety training is to teach learners how to prevent a fire in the workplace. This is achieved by identifying possible causes and protection measures as well as understanding the main requirements of fire safety legislation.

This fire marshal course is designed for anyone wishing to obtain the skills, knowledge and confidence to monitor and control fire safety in any workplace environment.


What does the fire marshal course involve?

Fire marshal (warden) training covers following topics:


How long does fire marshal training course last?

Fire safety training should be given at least 3 hours.


How long is fire marshal training valid for?

Our fire safety experts, as well as the UK Fire Service strongly recommends

that companies’ review all of their fire safety needs at least annually.


– Fire Awareness for all staff – Annually

– Fire Marshal Refresher Training

– Fire Risk Assessment – Reviewed regularly

– Fire Evacuation Drill – Annually

– Fire extinguishers serviced – Annually

– Fire Alarm Panel Test – Every 6 months

– Emergency Lighting Test – Annually


Siren Training Fire Marshal Course

Siren Training was set up by professional firefighters. We run fire marshal courses across London. You can book you course in West London – Shepherds Bush, Central London- London Bridge or Old Street.

With excellent knowledge in First Aid and Fire Safety, we are the best company to carry out your fire marshal training in London. Our team are experts in what they do and deliver interesting, enjoyable, lifesaving skills to all sectors. Our fire marshal training in London equips you with the knowledge and skills to protect yourself and others in the event of a fire. This course involves identifying fires, carrying out fire procedures, evacuating staff and tackling small fires.

All our half day Fire marshal training courses in London are delivered by professional Firefighters. The training can either be carried out at your own venue or ours, it is really up to you. Attendees of the fire marshal training will receive their advice and training from a real Firefighter covering the full roles and responsibilities of a designated Fire marshal in the workplace. In your fire marshal training in London, you will learn basic fire safety procedures in the workplace and how to ensure your organisation is compliant with the law. You need to be aware that it is a legal business requirement to have an adequate number of employees trained to handle the safe and successful evacuation if a fire was to occur.

Fire marshal training is compulsory when new employees are moved into a building or changes have been made to the emergency plan. If you have changed working practices and processes or people’s responsibilities within the business, our fire marshal training in London is very much advised. Another situation where fire marshal training is needed is if a disabled person has been employed (for the first time) or a new member of staff has undertaken the role of a duty manager or fire marshal. Our fire marshal training in London is very much worth it and allows you to be prepared and confident in handling the event of a fire.


Is fire marshal courses a legal requirement? Who is responsible for fire safety at workplace?

Yes, fire marshal training is a legal requirement. Both, the employees and employers have legal duties to perform in a potential emergency of fire as well as to prevent fire accidents.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  covers general fire safety in England and Wales.

In the majority of premises, local fire and rescue authorities are responsible for enforcing this fire safety legislation. HSE has enforcement responsibility on construction sites, for nuclear premises, and on ships under construction or undergoing repair.

The responsible person is: someone who is responsible for the premises used for business, charity or voluntary purposes, an employer, landlord or the owner of houses that have multiple occupancy, including blocks of flats (in England and Wales only). The duties of the responsible person must carry out includes a Fire Safety Risk Assessment (FSRA) and implementing the appropriate fire safety measures for prevention and protection in the event of a fire. It is also their responsibility to make sure all equipment is well-maintained and checked regularly. The responsible person may delegate jobs, but ultimately the responsibility will always lie with the one deemed the “responsible person” for the premises.


Businesses should also have a “competent person” (or ideally, more than one) who has undergone all of the training required to be able to safely handle fire equipment and assist the responsible person in carrying out the FRSA and planning procedures.


The employees of a business also have legal duties to perform in the event of a fire, in accordance to the FSO and Health and Safety at Work Act (1974). Employees must act appropriately and not put themselves or colleagues and visitors at risk, be co-operative with the fire procedures in place and report any suspected dangers, such as exposed wires.


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