[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Due to inflation and rising living costs, we need top increase training rates, ever so slightly, from September 1st. Any course bookings made in August, (even for courses happening in September onwards), will be charged at the current rate. If you want to secure the current rates, please fill out the form below. Thank you.


If you have more than 5 individuals looking to complete the same course, it can prove more cost effective to book a group booking course at your workplace. We pride ourselves on our flexibility so don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly Account Managers will respond very shortly to your group booking enquiry.

Course Type

1 day EFAW

Paediatric (BASIC)

Paediatric (OFSTED)


3 day FAW


£105 + VAT

£70+ VAT

£85 + VAT

£155 + VAT

£190 + VAT

Group (from)

£50 + VAT pp

£46 + VAT pp

£68 + VAT pp

£70 + VAT pp

£112 + VAT pp