Road traffic accidents are a serious problem in the busy streets that wrap themselves in and around London but accidents can happen just as easily in the safety of your own home.

Remember when your loved one cut their finger? When they broke their arm? Or when they managed to burn themselves with boiling water? Or how about when the man in the house decided to show off his supreme DIY skills and put his back out? I’m sure each and every one of us can relate to some grazed knees and bruised egos after a home-based injury.

Most accidents requiring First aid occur in places where people feel most safe and secure. When they are unprepared and completely not expecting it. Everything from cuts, falls, burns all the way through to suffocation and heart attacks. Which is why one of our key pillars is that we ensure our students know that they won’t be prepared. The man that collapses in front of you won’t be lying next to an AED and I bet you the man who breaks his arm during the local 5K run isn’t carrying a sling around just in case. As a First Aider, you have to expect the unexpected and be prepared to use whatever resources you have available to you.

Maybe our 5K runner has a handkerchief? The man who collapses is only minutes from a tube station where AED’s are especially encouraged.

First Aid is essential
Where are injuries most likely to occur?


As you can see 41.4% of accidents in the UK happen at home, whilst less than half that are out and about on the roads.

So why wait until work puts you on one of our First Aid courses in London?

Protect yourself and your family by joining one of our First Aid courses. We run them every week and use fantastic Emergency service trainers!

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