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First aid at work

first aid at work

All you need to know about first aid at work Recourse: HSE Public first aid courses Public Calendar First Aid at Work As a minimum, a low-risk workplace such as a small office, gym, or retail corporation should have a first-aid box and a person appointed to take charge of first-aid arrangements, such as calling […]

How long does first aid training last?

first aid at work

How long does first aid training last? The first-aid certificate lasts for 3 years since your first aid certificate has been issued. You need to renew it every 3 years, note no refresher course qualifies you as a first aider for 1-day emergency first aid at work or paediatric first aid. There is a bit […]

How to cope with stress and anxiety?

how to cope with stress and anxiety

How to cope with stress and anxiety? 9 useful tips on how to stay healthy and positive A Siren Training Mental Health First Aid trainer -Ryan Ridgway shared his experience, thoughts, and some useful coping mechanisms. We are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which challenges our mental health and wellbeing. Mental health specialists […]

Coping Mechanisms

coping mechanisms

Useful techniques to cope with stress and anxiety Share on your favorite social channels: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Coping Mechanisms How can I cope with stress and anxiety? You can help yourself by bringing some elements of positive psychology into your daily life. You need to build a self-care regime alongside developing healthy coping mechanisms. There […]

It’s not just about selling courses. We aim to save lives.

cpr training

It’s so nice to hear that the work we do everyday, makes a difference. Saves lives. We thought it was worth sharing. Sebastian Zarenbski, a former student with Siren Training and his colleague Joachim jumped into action when he noticed a colleague collapse in work on Tuesday morning. Sebastian and Joachim work @JamesEngineer1 construction company. Read  […]

Fire Marshal Course London

Fire Marshal Training online

arrow-left Back To All First Aid Courses FIRE MARSHAL COURSE Our half day (3 hours) Fire marshal training courses are delivered by professional Firefighters. The attendees will learn basic fire safety procedures in the workplace and how to ensure your organisation is compliant with the law. Main details TIME (3 hours) Twice per week  Start […]

5 Tips for Children’s Fire Safety

kids and fire safety

5 Tips for Children’s Fire Safety When should you explain to your kids about the hazards of fire and how to prevent it? Explain what the biggest fire dangers are? Discuss how to protect your family and friends from a fire? When most people think about fire emergencies, they don’t think it is something they […]

All you need to know about first aid courses

children first aid

Here is an expert advice choosing the first aid course or if you just want to know something more about life saving skills. Mat Walters is the founder of Siren Training here is his thoughts about first aid courses.  What are first aid courses like?   A first aid course is not only very interesting […]

Two tips before sitting on your next First Aid course

First Aid Course London

Here is a short 5 min video of two top tips where our Senior First Aid Trainer, Ash Webber irons out some of the myths around First Aid training and helps you get in the right mindset before sitting on one of our courses. He offers his two top tips to ensure your get the […]

How to stay cool in the heat?

How to stay cool in the heat (2) (1)

How to stay cool in the heat? by Siren Training | July 14 Well, it’s looking like that barbecue summer has finally arrived after all those years of promise! Along with the barbecues comes the traditional baring of the white legs that haven’t seen daylight in the winter months! But the dash to turn the […]

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