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The First Aid course was a good mix of practical and more knowledge-based learning.
Siren training is really good at what we do. There is no denying our high review links on both Facebook and Google. Usually, we would refer all feedback to these platforms but this was a particular case where the individual attendee booked a 3 day First Aid at Work course for the sole purpose of upskilling himself to better his own qualifications and the lives of others in his life. 
“I did the 3-day First Aid at Work course at 18. The younger it is done, the earlier you will have the knowledge needed to save lives, which is a huge plus. First Aid training is, in my opinion, a necessary life skill that everyone should have. Sadly, here in the UK, it does not get the attention it needs.  
The First Aid course was a good mix of practical and more knowledge-based learning. I was not expecting such a comprehensive course, but I was pleasantly surprised by the comprehensiveness of this First Aid course and the practical elements in particular. 
For someone who never liked school and did not go on to further study, I really enjoyed the course. All the scenarios that we practised and all the hands-on learning made it easy to understand. As in-depth as it was, it most certainly was not boring. Not to mention this is probably one of the best qualifications to have on my CV. Additionally, the First Aid course was also a huge confidence booster for me! With this course under my belt, I feel far more employable in any industry.
Siren is a great First Aid training company and both of my trainers were very knowledgeable teachers, and very friendly. I never felt pressured and they were happy to answer any questions I had. 
Now that I have done the course I feel a lot more confident and comfortable knowing the variety of situations I can now deal with. First Aid isn’t as complex as you may think. Anyone could learn it and it is definitely something I think everybody should know. Thank you to everyone who made this great course happen!”