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Siren Training, Headquartered in Islington, London is a training and consultancy company specialising in teaching first aid training, mental health first aid, fire safety training and offering fire safety consultancy to the public and commercial market.

Siren Training recognises and acknowledges the danger that single-use plastics are causing to our environment and aims to be part of the solution and not the problem. Siren Training has identified the impact single-use plastics can have; the UK government estimates that there are currently more than 150m tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans and over 1,000,000 birds die from either eating or becoming tangled in plastic waste every year.

Steve Priestley, Siren Training’s Training Director said, “we need to teach people to save lives but also play our part to try and save this planet too”.

Siren Training recognises that while we are an SME and the impact we can have is limited compared to the likes of large enterprises like Amazon or Coca-cola. Siren Training cannot rest on our laurels and ignore our contribution – only because it is smaller than others. Siren Training recognises that there are improvements to be made and has made a commitment to be single-use plastic-free by 2021.

Siren Training is committed to the following practices to implement in order to meet the above goal.

Siren Training offers additional environmentally sustainable solutions to employees like the cycle to work scheme. Siren Training is committed to helping save our planet as well as educating the UK on how to save lives.

This policy will be reviewed annually.


Date: 13/01/2020