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Why first aid is important?

first aid

Why first aid training is important? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email In this blog post, our trainer Ash Webber offers his perspective on the significance of first aid and why it should not be overlooked. Check out his insightful take.  I know what you’re thinking. First aid training? That sounds boring. But hear me out. […]

How to perform CPR on an adult?

first aid courses

Find your local CPR training How to perform CPR on adult? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a lifesaving technique that can be used to revive someone whose heart has stopped beating. To perform CPR, follow these steps: Check the person’s airway, breathing, and pulse. If the person is not breathing […]

Summer safety tip – 1/3 – Heat stroke

Emergency First Aid

With all three days of the UK’s summer drawing closer, naturally London’s streets, parks and outdoor attractions are set to spring to life. Yet as the city annually basks in the summer sun and the children run free, weightier and commonly underestimated threats lurk in the summertime shadows for Britain’s children who are serious in […]

4 tips for handling Head injuries

Head injury Paediatric training courses

  Head injuries are one of the most common injuries especially in a sport loving nation like the UK. In Britain alone, approximately 700.000 people arrive at A+E with a head injury, every, single, year! The rate of death for a serious head injury is 1 to every 2000 people!   We design our blog […]