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Recent 18 year old attendee feedback from a First Aid course

Half day MHFA

The First Aid course was a good mix of practical and more knowledge-based learning. Siren training is really good at what we do. There is no denying our high review links on both Facebook and Google. Usually, we would refer all feedback to these platforms but this was a particular case where the individual attendee booked […]

A First Aiders guide to a fall

paediatric first aid course

It’s the moment everyone dreads. That pavement that looked wet turned out to be black ice. And so now it’s a battle against gravity. Your limbs move in different directions, making you look like a poor Bruce Lee tribute and suddenly become aware that your feet are level with your eyes and it’s as if […]

Haunting treats – Choking Hazards

fire marshal training

The dangers of boiled sweets, toffee apples and other haunting “treats” that give parents a fright over the Halloween and bonfire night period.   One accident that many parents dread especially in young children is choking. With an increase in sweets over this period, (whether it is supervised by the parents or not) there is a higher […]

 How do you treat someone suffering from an Asthma attack?

First Aid training; Asthma

We have all heard it before.. We have all come across it, at one stage or another and everyone knows someone who suffers with Asthma. But, as a qualified First Aider… What can we do to prevent worsening and promote recovery? To treat Asthma, we must first understand it. Asthma was misunderstood for many years due […]