It’s that time of year!! Coughs, colds, high temperatures seem to be part of winter…

A high temperature also called a fever, is very common in children. The little one will:


The First Aid first step is to take their temperature using a thermometer. Currently, the forehead ones are not recommended as that can be inaccurate.

Use under the arm as seen below.





In the under 5’s, if their temperature is 38C ( 100.4F) then there is a high likelihood they have a fever.

When children have a fever, they will need to drink plenty of water, DO offer drinks regularly. If you are breastfeeding, DO offer plenty of feeds.  They may be off their food, in the same way, we as adults go off food if we are not feeling well. This is ok, offer food if they want some but there is no need to force them. Just keep encouraging them to drink.


When should you call a doctor? 





Children can be playing in the morning and be very unwell by the evening. Their health can change very quickly. In the next blog, we will discuss more signs of serious illness and the First Aid actions to follow to ensure their health.

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