Siren Training have partnered up with The Wellness Movement as such you are entitled to 50% off your first mental health talk for your organisation when you book any other activity.

Click here to access a recent talk on Positivity and Self-Belief they carried out at ITV Television Studios for their workforce.

The Wellness Movement are an organisation set up to enhance the corporate lifestyle, environment and culture through fitness, mental health and nutrition services.

Core Services:

Well-being programmes are seen to play an important role in creating a healthy working culture and environment, some of the benefits of a good well-being programme include fewer accidents at work, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism as well as healthier, happier and more productive staff. Saving your organisation time, money and resources.

The Wellness Movement can help you to plan and shape your wellness strategy/events according to your organisation’s goals and objectives and assist in creating a sustainable plan moving forwards.

Their client list includes Santander, British Fashion Council, European Commission and Stella McCartney.

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